Write Me a Letter, Just Send it by Mail

Giuliani letter

Philip Bump, With an impeachment trial looming, new evidence that Trump sought personal benefit in Ukraine

Politico, McConnell courts GOP and Trump amid tensions over impeachment witnesses

Greg Sargent, Four big takeaways from the explosive Lev Parnas documents

Here is what seems to be going on, as of this morning.

Moscow Mitch’s contemptuous and dismissive demeanor is bogus. In reality, he’s shitting bricks.

The man is flailing around to keep his flock together. Right now, Moscow Mitch is postponing key votes, on witnesses and documentary evidence, in hopes that somehow he will get to 51 votes for doing things his way.

But time is not on his side. The longer it drags on, the worse it looks for Doofus Donald and Moscow Mitch.

Now, I know that some of you out there in internetland have a visceral feeling that our political enemies are ten feet tall—and are adroitly playing some kind of evil three-dimensional chess.

But read the three sourced referenced above, and think again.