When Tyrants Tremble Sick with Fear and Hear Their Death Knells Ringing

I wish to pose a rhetorical question: What do the 32 percent fear most?

Do they, for example, live in great fear of looters and arsonists?

I shall answer my own question: no, that is not their greatest fear, because they do not live where the looting and arson took place.

Do they, then, have a generalized fear of big black men?

Yes, they do. But that is not their greatest fear.

What, then, is their greatest fear?

Their greatest fear is of growing groups of diverse protesters, peacefully protesting 400 years of racial oppression. That is the thing that keeps them up at night. That is the thing that drives them crazy. That is the thing that makes them tremble, sick with fear, as they hear the death knell of white supremacy ringing.

That is the thing that makes them want to send in the Army, to knock some heads around. But that would be the same U.;S. Army that includes many large black men.

And when are the 32 percent going to dial it down a little?

Again, ladies and germs, I am going to answer my own question. The answer is: at such time as it penetrates their thick skulls that they have well and truly lost. They may still sing Those Were the Days, but the days of which they sing are gone, gone with the wind.