Chock Full o’Data

chock full

Dan Balz, Trump faces rising disapproval and widespread distrust on coronavirus, Post-ABC poll finds

As I said, it’s chock full o’ data, so please read if for yourself, if you’re interested. My focus remains on how Orange Man is driving, driving, driving that wedge—deep within his base, cleaving the semi-rational from the ultra hard core cultists.

After all, logically, you can be a stone cold racist and still want to protect your own health and your family’s.

Item:   “More than 6 in 10 [Americans] say they do not trust what [Trump] says about the outbreak, including 2 in 3 political independents and nearly 3 in 10 Republicans.”

Comment: Whether to believe or disbelieve what Trump says about the virus should be at the tippytop of your list of important questions, because it’s literally a matter of life and death. If three in ten self-identified Republicans don’t believe Orange Man on this vital matter, why in hell would they believe a word that comes out of his mouth on any topic under the sun?

Comment: The graph shown in the immediately preceding post gives solid evidence of the health effects of believing or disbelieving Trump. And, for those cultists who have not yet gotten the memo, just wait a week or two or three more, and see if the message sinks in.

Item: “Trump’s ratings for handling the coronavirus have dropped by 16 percentage points among white evangelical Protestants to 68 percent today; by 15 points among white men without college degrees to 56 percent; and by 11 points among rural residents to 48 percent approval.”

Comment: To hammer the point home, do please remember that these approval numbers do not relate to policy toward Lithuania, or to his choice of Federal Reserve chair, or his policies on soil erosion. They relate to the most important issue around: what do you do to protect your own health?

Item: “The partisan gap in infection fears has closed somewhat in the past two months, as outbreaks have moved from urban, predominantly Democratic areas to a broader swath of the country, including Republican areas of the Sun Belt and the South. The share of Republicans who are at least somewhat worried has risen from 44 percent to 54 percent, while worry among Democrats has held steady at 79 percent in May and 81 percent today.”

Item: Forty-two percent of self-identified Republicans claim they always wear a mask in public, compared with 74 percent of Democrats.

Comment: Yeah, it’s a big partisan difference. Yeah, it’s correlated with different health outcomes in different portions of the country. But you know what else it shows? It shows a big split within Republican ranks.