Might Want to Make that 236 to 199: Serious Voter Fraud by the Melanin-Deficient in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District


North Carolina’s 9th congressional district leans R+8. But Trump did a terrific job of rousing the rabble there, back in 2016, defeating Hillary by 12 percent—four percent more than the norm for the district.

This year, one Mark Harris defeated the Republican incumbent to become the nominee of the party in the ninth district. Reverend Harris is a prominent Southern Baptist minister, whose views of various matters of public interest may be savored in his Wikipedia entry.

This year, however, the current voting data show that the arrow of change swung back in a blue, leftward direction, by 11.7 percent—almost, but not quite, enough to elect the Democrat.

This, clearly, was something up with which Got would not put.

It now appears that, in the state where white folks seem to be most terrified of black voter fraud, the melanin-challenged among the North Carolinians decided to do some serious voter fraud of their own, in order to juice up God’s clear plan to elect Reverend Harris. In consequence, the election remains in doubt