A Piece of the Posited Plot


OK, what is wrong with this picture?

In 2016, Mike Mulvaney thought Trump was a terrible human being.

We are now at the end of 2018. In the meantime, we have been flooded with evidence that Trump is indeed a terrible human being. And we have seen no contradictory evidence, that would tend to show that Trump is in fact a prince among men and a paragon of goodness.

Logical conclusion: Mr. Mulvaney must still think that Trump is a terrible human being.

Yet—at a time when potential candidates for Chief of Staff are all taking that long-awaited trip to Tahiti—what do we find Mr. Mulvaney doing? According to Politico, ‘He would have given up a very valuable appendage to get that job’: Mick Mulvaney has angled for months to be Donald Trump’s chief of staff.

And why, pray tell, might he be acting that way? To enhance his stature and decorate his resume? I don’t think so. He’s already head of the Office of Management and Budget and of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Or maybe he thinks that, after all the time, he can be the one who finally succeeds in his role as “the adult in the room” who “reins in Trump.” That’s barely possible. But if so, then he is a fool, and I really don’t think Mulvaney is a fool.

No, the most logical explanation for this puzzling behavior is that Mr. Mulvaney, a dedicated servant of the financial elite, has emerged as a Trump Whisperer for the purpose of whispering to Trump that it’s time to get his ass out of town, in exchange for a non-prosecution agreement, a la Spiro Agnew.

And, by the way, not because Trump is a terrible human being, but because Trump utility as a useful idiot has well and truly reached its sell-by date.

You probably think I have lost it, and become a conspiracy monger. Well, let’s wait and see.

When you have looked at all conceivable explanations for a puzzle, and only one plausible explanation remains, then that must be the right explanation.

Picking the Wrong Target to Demean: Useful Idiot’s Idiocy Continues to Detract from his Utility

Jennifer Rubin writes, Trump has chosen the wrong women to demean:

Trump and his defenders make a grave error in making this a battle between Trump, who a large majority of Americans think is dishonest, and victimized women. His devoted cult may take his side, although judging from my interactions with Republican women loyalists, some are becoming more and more agitated and frustrated that their spinning isn’t working and that they are being placed in the position of defending the indefensible. (Tip: You put yourselves there. Stop doing it.) What Trump is doing is summoning once again an army of women and fighting against a cultural tide, far deeper and wider than a political “issue.”

Trump of all people should understand that nothing can compete with millions of people filled with rage who feel that they’ve been ignored. Feeding white grievance (built on the fundamentally false pretense that whites are treated worse than nonwhites) got him elected. Now, a larger group filled with righteous, justified anger is going to get its day at the polls in November.

Trump is not going to stop this cultural epiphany; he’s going to be dragged under by it.