As the Dormant Vegetation in the Hot Desert Sand Welcomes the Coming of the Monsoon Rains …

… so also Aardvark welcomes signs that the plutocracy is finally awakening to the nauseating realization that, in supporting Trump, they bet on the wrong damn horse.

Today, the boys and girls over at are reporting that a “Business “freak out” spurs plans to tame Trump on trade.” Last Friday, the United States Chamber of Commerce—with the support of 140 trade groups—issued a formal statement declaring, Business Community Opposes Tariffs on Mexico. Today, Trump is rage tweeting at the Chamber.

After the Mexico tariff fiasco, very few are laughing WITH Trump, while many are laughing AT Trump.

My heart sings.

A Mexican Standoff

Mexican Standoff

Trump may cave on the Mexican tariffs: from deep within his lizard brain might come the realization that he is jumping the shark, and needs to pull back to protect himself. But, then again, he might not cave, at least not at once.

If Trump insists on going forward with supply-chain-disrupting tariffs, he will well and truly piss off the plutocrats. See, for example, this statement from that bastion of plutocracy, the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Just as humans need air, water, and nourishment to survive, so also Republican congressman needs (1) the votes of the yahoos and (2) the monetary support of the plutocracy. If Trump persists with his Mexican tariffs, and if he persists In threatening Republicans who oppose them, then the latter may have to choose between their two sources of life-sustaining nourishment: the plutocrats’ money and the the yahoos’ votes.

The Mexican tariff standoff is the first time, I believe, when Mitch McConnell and the rest of his merry band have faced so dire a dilemma.

How will they choose?

Some, perhaps, will go with Trump and the yahoos. But most of these folks are in it for the money. If you have Trump and his yahoo voters on your side, but lose access to the money, that kind of defeats the point of the whole exercise.

Poetic Justice


Koch Brothers to Spend Millions Fighting Against Trump’s Trade-War Agenda.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hits Trump Tariffs With Opposition Campaign.

US business leaders warn on impact of Trump tariffs.

‘This would widen the trade war tenfold’: U.S. automakers say no to Trump’s car tariffs.

So how nice it is that Citizens United allows giant corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence our politics!

Grieve and Resist

This morning I join Charles Blow in his eloquently expressed grief for our country—or what we had thought was our country. (He could have said—though he didn’t say, in so many words—that half of America’s white people are not a credit to their race.)

He is attempting to weaken our institutions, our protocols and conventions, our faith in the truth, our sense of honor and our respect for the rule of law.

And somehow, many Americans, even those disgusted by what they see, have resigned themselves to this new reality.

In fact, Trump’s poll numbers had been inching up before he created a humanitarian disaster at the border by separating children from their parents.

I guess this is how empires begin to fall. It isn’t necessarily one dramatic moment, but the incessant monotony of assaults on normalcy that slowly shift the ground beneath you, reorienting what is proper and preferable, what is outrageous and what is acceptable. …

Not to mention the fact that those tactics keep his base riled and ready. Trump is like a drug dealer who has addicted his followers to fear and rage and keeps supplying it in constant doses. His supporters have become rage-junkies for whom he can do no wrong.

Let’s be clear about the demographics of this base: While the overwhelming majority of blacks and Hispanics have an unfavorable view of Trump, just as many white people have a favorable view of him as have an unfavorable view of him, according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll conducted last month.

Blow despairs of our situation, and I understand his despair.

But progressives are a mighty army of resistance, and E.J. Dione reminds us that all is far from lost. And we have a new ally of convenience: big business, motivated by crass and cynical economic considerations, is finding that Trump’s delusional blundering on trade is about to bring the house crashing down.

Welcome to the newest member of the resistance, the United States Chamber of Commerce.