Are We Angry Enough?


Morning Joe and Mika had a hissy fit at the beginning of their show this morning, because—so they said—Democrats are not angry enough. I turned off the teevee and went to the computer.

I don’t know about you, but I am fit to be tied. And so are a hell of a lot of other people.

Here are a couple of morning reads.

Stacey Abrams Always Knew They’d Try to Cheat:

“Well, she’s gonna have a tough time, being black,” a white suburban retiree tells me flatly as we sit down for lunch at Savannah’s historic Olde Pink House restaurant. His candor about race, which I appreciate, isn’t the only thing that surprises me. David (a pseudonym) is a lifelong conservative and Trump voter who nonetheless plans to vote for Abrams. He thinks her Republican opponent, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, is “an idiot.” Trump’s administration has turned out “worse than I even imagined,” he confesses. And in an age when we suffer at least 10 school shootings a year, “I’m sick of the NRA,” he tells me, even though he’s a gun owner and former member.

“I’m an angry Republican, and I’m trying to give my party a kick,” he declares. Even though David doesn’t want me to use his real name, he says he’s extremely vocal about his plans to vote for Abrams when talking to fellow Republicans in his affluent white retiree community. “And, honestly, I don’t get a lot of pushback,” he adds.

We will know in three weeks how many Davids there are out there. I think there are quite a few. For one thing, they seem to have stopped writing checks to the Republican Party. But we shall see what we shall see.

Meanwhile, President Bullshit—who has trouble seeing anything wrong with deconstructing journalists with bone saws—employed his ineffable political instincts and masterful timing to prance around last night in front of his angry mob and say this:

At Montana rally, Trump praises congressman for assaulting reporter

What Pocahontas Needs to Do


I feel some sense of comradery with Elizabeth Warren. I have two Cherokee great-great-great-grandparents, and some genetic testing has shown a small percentage of Native American ancestry.

Unlike her, though, I have never contributed a recipe to a Native American cookbook undere the name of “Arius Aardvark, Cherokee.” Nor did the law school where I was once an adjunct professor describe me as a person of color. In my case, any claim to minority status has not gone beyond the casual joking stage.

So I can see why there is some difficulty in coming to terms with all this:

Media Congratulates Trump for Spreading Lie About Elizabeth Warren

Canned crab? Elizabeth Warren is unfit to lead

The Elizabeth Warren Fiasco

My own view, in case you happen to be interested, is that we are all sinners and that Elizabeth’s Warren’s sins are venal, whereas the Trumpster has many mortal sins to account for. (See, e.g., journalist/bone saw.)

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. A clever politician would find a way to make this lemon into lemonade. Let’s see how clever a politician Elizabeth Warren is.

“Trump Calls the Saudis As Innocent As Brett Kavanaugh”

ruthlless interrogation

I wish I had written the headline above.

Meanwhile, in the picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words department, Mike Pompeo—who worked himself into redfaced hysteria during the Benghazi hearings—is shown above, looking very much like the cat who ate the canary, as he helps a posse of murderous thugs concoct a non-coverup coverup.


Excrement as a Political Weapon


Greg Sargent, Trump’s ugly, dishonest CBS interview reveals GOP’s predicament in midterms: Speaking of the Kavanaugh controversy,

Trump himself confirmed the basic outlines of the situation: The way to sufficiently energize base voters is for Trump to fill the media space with a big “win” that has the added benefit of rubbing the faces of millions on the losing side in excrement over it. We keep hearing that the motivating factor is the supposed mistreatment of Kavanaugh, and perhaps that is driving some GOP voters, but in Trump’s own telling, the necessary additional ingredient is the display of contempt and humiliation for the losers. …

The fact that “Donald Trump in full” is alienating and infuriating so many voters outside his base is the whole point. It’s almost as if this is the necessary precondition for ministering to his base’s priorities and peeves — it’s the only remaining hope, as that GOP strategist put it, of converting Trump voters into Republican voters.

The chart below is from today’s Show in the lower line, in green, are the people who delight in rubbing excrement into the faces of the people shown in orange/red in the upper line.