Theme and Variations on the Challenges of Defending Baron Munchausen Against the Charge of Prevarication

Bank Robber

Politico on Pros and Cons of Creating an Alternate Reality.

Politico, the house organ of the Republican pols, reports that Trump’s bluster crashes into a barrage of impeachment facts. The gist is that Trump is really good at creating an alternate reality for his cult followers, but Republican politicians—however subservient they might wish to be—are faced with living in the real world, not the alternate reality.

I like the article’s teaser on Politico’s current home page: “[Trump] doesn’t argue well when there is an obvious fact pattern at play.”

The Wall Street Journal Points to, Umm, “Challenges”

WSJ, GOP Divided on Defense of Trump Over Ukraine: Divergence shows party’s challenges to mount a unified front ahead of public impeachment hearings this week

The paper identifies the nature of the “challenge,” which would be Trump’s demand that all the Republican politicians join him in Alternaterealityland:

“Republicans, don’t be led into the fools trap of saying it wasn’t perfect, but is not impeachable,” Mr. Trump said Sunday in a tweet. “NOTHING WAS DONE WRONG!”

Most of them know they can’t do that. But they cannot agree with one another on what lies to tell.

Some Help with the Articles of Impeachment

Meanwhile, two writers for the New Republic helpfully draft articles of impeachment.


My Russian readership has held steady for the last several days. I hope the KGB is enjoying the blog.