A Letter from Alabama: The MAGA Crowd Get a Rude Awakening

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My secret correspondent from Alabama writes,

Because the political divide is so clear in Alabama, it has been interesting to watch the evolution of public acceptance that we even have a problem.  Until the end of last week the MAGA folks were defiant in their disbelief that there was any issue at all.  They made a point of glad handing each other with spittle flying.  I’m sure at night the jizm filled the air behind the VFW club.

No more.

The stock-up trips to the groceries were, until this weekend, all made by [reality based] people like us. So shopping was easy and unhurried.  Toilet paper crammed the shelves.

Sunday, the “upper” type stores like Publix began to see their first waves. On  Monday you couldn’t fight your way into a Piggly Wiggly if you wanted.