Setting the Record Straight

paper towels

Aardvark believes it is important to set the record straight. To give credit where credit is due. To call a spade a space. Not to beat about the bush.

We have it on the authority of the New Republic—not known for any pro-Trump bias—that the federal government’s decisions on assisting Puerto Rico were all defensible judgment calls. I find this news gratifying, and I am sure the folks in Puerto Rico are happy to hear it as well.

Aardvark was also gratified to hear that Secretary of State Tillerson did not refer to Trump as a “moron.”

What the Secretary actually said was, “Trump is not a moron. He just plays one on TV.”

Although Tillerson denies using the word “moron,” he demurs with reference to any alleged use of the terms “dimwit,” “dullard,” “ignoramus,” or “idiot.”

Clarity is very important.