We Report, You Decide

we report you decide

An op-ed piece to be found on the unspeakable Wall Street Journal editorial page makes the best pragmatic case that can be made against the impeachment inquiry. Here is the cite, together with a selected portion of the text.

William A. Galston, Polls Argue Against Impeachment: Nixon only fell after Republicans defected. So far, Trump retains their strong support:

Nevertheless, there is some basis for Democrats’ hopes. The Republicans’ attempt to remove President Clinton from office fell short, not because the American people doubted the truth of the charges against him, but rather because they overwhelmingly concluded that the charges didn’t rise to the level of impeachable offenses.

Not this time. Fifty-two percent of voters, including 54% of independents, believe that asking a foreign leader for help defeating an opponent in the forthcoming election is enough to warrant removing the president. If Mr. Trump’s accusers can make a convincing case that this is what happened, they will probably gain ground among independent voters.

The first paragraph quoted immediately above is accurate, and states the nub of the matter about the current controversy.

The second paragraph quoted above is accurate as far as it goes, but dodges the point that Trump was withholding aid approved by congress—aid immediately needed by a country being invaded—to coerce compliance with the “favors” he sought.