If You’re Gonna Run in Texas …

Apropos of the Texas Senate race, a friend, alluding to Beto O’Rourke’s musical history, asks, “Do we need a poll of voter attitudes toward punk rock?”

This is a good question. My answer would be yes, with two qualifications.

One, those questioned should be asked which is the better qualification for election to Congress, a background in punk rock or experience as a criminal inside trader.

Two, before answering the question, they should be required to listen to the following advertisements.


I see that I have readers in Senegal today. Hopefully, my college roommate, who made good. Is that you, Mohammad?

Princeton’s Greatest Mistake Since Aaron Burr Now in Deep Doodoo


Ted Cruz in Close Texas Senate Race, Poll Says

Within the margin of error, folks.

And, truly, it could not happen to a nicer guy.

Meanwhile, in other news, Trump’s own lawyers are giving interviews comparing him to a mafia boss.

In a conversation with Trump last Friday, Jay Goldberg, one of Trump’s lawyers, warned the president, “Michael will never stand up [for you]” if charged by the government, according to the Wall Street Journal. But why would Trump have anything to worry about, unless… Trump committed a crime that Cohen knows about?

In an interview with the Journal, Goldberg elucidated his concerns about Cohen’s loyalty and the devastating impact it would have if he cooperated with the government. “The mob was broken by Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano caving in out of the prospect of a jail sentence,” Goldberg explained.

More from Jonathan Chait at Trump’s Lawyer Forgets to Pretend He’s Innocent, Also Compares Him to Mobster.