When You’re Smiling, the Whole World Smiles with You

William Barr

We have it on good authority that Mick Mulvaney—the person who would have sacrificed a valuable appendage to be Trump’s chief of staff—has vowed to be the kind of Trump servant who will just let Trump be Trump.

Meanwhile, a usually reliable pundit says, Now We Know Trump Picked William Barr to Shut Down Mueller’s Investigation. Well, in all probability, that was exactly Trump’s thinking. Barr’s gratuitous June, 2018, legal memorandum endorsing presidential obstruction of justice was surely music to the Trumpster’s ears.

And, at a very high level of confidence, I think we may infer that Barr wrote the memo for the precise purpose of pleasing Trump and laying the groundwork for his own nomination to be Attorney General.

But does the memo actually reflect Barr’s opinion? Well, maybe it does. Or maybe it doesn’t. Folks like William Barr seldom write legal memoranda out of a disinterested and generous desire just to share their wisdom with the world. They write legal memoranda to achieve a purpose.

Feel free to call me a conspiratologist, but I still think Barr, backed up by his hubristic buddies at Kirkland & Ellis, and operating in collusion with one or more Republican corporate and financial donors, is coming to Washington to get Trump out of the way. Most probably by organizing a Spiro Agnew-type deal where he resigns in exchange for a binding promise not to prosecute.

Such a denouement will be very difficult to achieve. But a great many of the deals on which K & E works present great challenges. That is why they make buckets of money.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, I detect the fine Italian hand of Kirkland & Ellis.

And, by the way, Mick Mulvaney is coming to the White House to be the Trump Whisperer—and to whisper him into taking the deal Barr will propose.

As I said, call me a conspiratologist. But remember, you heard it here first. And that he who laughs last, laughs best.