Trump and Cassandra

Maureen writes,

He brings to mind the paradox of Cassandra. Her gift was that she could see into the future, but her curse was that no one believed her. Trump’s triumph is that he has sought attention his whole life and now he can command all the attention in the world. But his curse is that the attention he attracts is largely ridicule and repulsion.

That Was the Week that Was


Intense conversations about difficult subjects: women with women, men with men, women with me.

A chance for the country to digest the spectacles of Thursday and of Friday morning. To find an appropriate visceral and emotional reaction.

To think about the shitstorm rationally, insofar as we are capable of rational thought.

Polling. Lots of polling.

The FBI doing its thing.

Information being made public about some of what the FBI is doing.

Going out on a limb here, but, around Wednesday or Thursday, a news conference of folks with personal knowledge of Kavanaugh’s behavior at Georgetown Prep, and, probably more importantly, at Yale. That would be Yale College and Yale Law School.

Furthermore, what happens at the Federalist Society will not, at the end of the day, stay at the Federalist Society.

Some kind of written FBI report at the end of the week. Which will immediately become public knowledge.

By the end of the week, even many of the Fox Bubble folk will have figured out that Mitch McConnell and his merry band of misogynist lemmings are making an horrific mistake.

I do not (just) mean an horrific mistake within a normal person’s frame of reference.

I mean specifically an horrific mistake within Mitch’s own reptilian frame of reference.

shit and fan

Buyer’s Remorse in Moscow?

This morning Nicholas Kristof asks, trenchantly discusses, but does not answer the question whether Trump is “Kremlin Employee of the Month”—concluding, “We can’t afford even the perception that our president is the Kremlin’s man in Washington.”

Well, that’s right. We can’t afford it, but it looks as if we have bought it anyway.

Meanwhile, from the Washington Post we learn that “There’s no joy in Moscow after tough talk from Trump appointees.” This comes amid other reports of possible buyers’ remorse at the Kremlin.

Which would you want, a stable, predictable enemy, or an unstable, mentally challenged tool? Hmm … That would depend on how unstable and how mentally challenged, wouldn’t it?