“Tis But a Scratch”: Headlines from the Kentucky Race

Last night, I celebrated the Democratic gubernatorial win in Kentucky by consuming some a product for which that state is famous. I toasted the Democratic win in Virginia with more of the same.

Today, on a sober day after, the big picture takeaway from results in various parts of the country is that

  • educated, affluent white people are switching solidly, convincingly, from Republican to Democratic, while
  • uneducated, poorer white people are embracing the Cult of Trump in increasing numbers.

Thus, for example, eastern Pennsylvania is growing bluer, while western Pennsylvania is becoming redder.

There is much that could be said about these phenomena, but my overall impression is that my fellow white, educated, affluent peers are just getting sick and tired of the bullshit. As for the increasing attractiveness of the Cult of Trump to the poorer class of my fellow honkies, I’ll have to leave that one to the social psychologists.

Meanwhile, both kinds of white folks are much more energized, and much more likely to vote, than in prior elections. As one talking head persuasively pointed out, there’s a metaphysical possibility that the white trash might become so intoxicated with the Cult that even more of them show up at the polls than in 2016, and they could conceivably overwhelm the white folks who went to college and live in the more affluent suburbs

Meanwhile, metaphysical possibilities aside, it’s really, really not looking good for The Donald. He’s drivin’ that old wedge right through the heart of the Republican coalition. He’s driving away the well-educated white people in droves. And he’s making it impossible for Republicans to win in lots of places.

I was musing about some appropriate headlines for yesterday’s election results:

Trump Suffered the Greatest Loss in the History of the World*

Glass More Than Half Empty: 48.8 Percent of Kentucky Voters Love Assholes

Not Even a Pyrrhic Victory for Trump in Kentucky

Trump Declares, “Tis But a Scratch”

Baghdad Bob Trump Celebrates Famous Victory in Kentucky

Sensible Party in Kentucky Defeats Silly Party by Four Tenths of One Percent

* “If you win, they are going to make it like, ho hum. And if you lose, they are going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world.”