A Wedge Drivin’ Man

Trump viciously attacked Mitt Romney for adopting a position supported by 53 percent of Republicans.

A clear warning that any other Republican office holders who also embrace a position held by 53 percent of Republicans are going to receive a good Twitter lashing, followed by a passel of easily disproved lies coming out the mouth of his sycophantic press secretary.

Like John Henry before him—who was most definitely a Steel Drivin’ Man—Trump is showing his political genius as a Wedge Drivin’ Man.

Expel the RINO, and Extirpate His Fellow Travelers


Mitt Romney (RINO-Utah) is a traitor. He must immediately be dragged down from his moral high horse and expelled from the tribe.

As of the impeachment vote, nine percent of self-declared Republicans wanted Trump convicted and removed. They found one of the 53 Republicans to speak for them.

They are RINOs too, and must, on no account, be considered true Republicans. They must be compelled to vote Democratic, or at least be required to stay home on election day.