In the Spirit of Good Will, I Would Like to Offer a Modest Suggestion to Republicans

Wisconsin election

Remember that Wisconsin election last week, where the folks had to stand in long lines, wearing masks, in order to vote? The one the Democrats wanted to postpone? The one that Republicans insisted on holding anyway, hoping that discouraged Democrats would stay home and Republicans would win another seat on the state supreme court?

Well, guess what? Tonight, the Democratic candidate for the supreme court is the projected winner.

Republicans, This Isn’t Working Out for You

So, in the spirit of good will and common humanity, I have a modest proposal for you.

Instead of trying to rig elections, why don’t you just stake out positions, and nominate candidates, who are still right of center but which might have an ice cube’s chance in hell of attracting 51 percent of the voters in an honest election?

Trust me on this: you’ll feel a lot better about yourselves.

Plus which, you’ll have a reasonable chance at some political victories, at least some of the time.

Perhaps You Have Heard About Throwing Good Money After Bad

As Trump feverishly tries to defend last month’s lies by spewing out more outrageous lies this month, his spin is losing its appeal.

It’s not working.

Couldn’t you begin to try telling a story that bears some partial relation to reality?

Again, you’d feel better about yourselves.

And you might have a shot at getting people to believe you, at least some of the time.