An Addendum on Wisconsin: My Working Hypothesis

Sorry. Should have included this in the immediately preceding post on the Wisconsin election.

I have a working hypothesis, and this is it. A non-trivial number of voters hated liberals in 2016, still hate liberals now, and were willing to vote for a person suffering from obvious mental illness, largely because his election would really piss off the hated liberals.

But the nightly Shit Shows are inducing what I might call a collective national gag reflex, even among these voters. Some of them now understand that it’s one thing to vote for a crazy person in order to troll the liberals, but it’s something else to vote for a crazy person who’s going to endanger your own life.

They still hate the liberals in 2020, and that ain’t a-gonna vote for Joe Biden. But a non-trivial number will stay home come election day.

And so, my fondest hope is that Orange Man continues to deliver long nightly Shit Shows, right up until the very day of the election. Because we need to keep that collective national gag reflex going strong, fresh and green in our memories.