It Was Always a Marriage of Convenience—and an Odd One, at That

In my last post I quoted from an article on how the boys and girls over at the American Bankers Association and the United States Chamber of Commerce are beginning to see the wisdom of finding some D politicians to support. In this post, I add some further observations. And, by the way, this morning President Snowflake is twittering all over himself about the trend. Tweet away, asswipe.

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Enumerating Embryonic Poultry

My name is not Nostradamus, nor am I normally in the business of counting unhatched chickens. But I can reason, and I can see the straws in the wind.

How Big Business Thinks

Big Business does not cotton to divisiveness among its customer base. Nor does Big Business thrive on cultural nostalgia and fear the future. You can still buy vinyl records or rotary phones. Should you require a buggy whip, Amazon will sell it to you. But Big Business does not make its profits supplying the goods and services of the past.

On the contrary, successful businesses are always thinking hard about how to capitalize on the next big trend. Specifically, about how to capitalize on the next big trend before the folks in the next office building figure it out. So that they can gain what the microeconomists call “first mover advantage.” So that they can earn monopoly profits.

It’s the future where the money is made. Nostalgia is for suckers.

What Does Big Business Need Right Now? Immediately. If not Sooner.

What Big Business needs right now is a check on Donald J. Trump. Specifically, they are in urgent need of politicians to check

  • Trump’s attempt to destroy the international trading system
  • Trump’s attempt to destroy the international security system, and
  • Trump’s attempt to disrupt immigration into the United States.

Will Republican Empty Suits Provide the Check that Big Business Needs on Trump?

For years Big Business has been propping up Senator Cornpone, Senator Cornpone has been conning the rubes, and Senator Cornpone has been voting the straight American Bankers Association/U.S. Chamber of Commerce policy agenda. For years, the bogus appeal to nostalgia, radial animus, and general backwardness did not get in the way of the Big Business con. It was a terrific Faustian Bargain while it lasted.

No longer. In his heart, Senator Cornpone may be entirely willing to protect the international trading system, the international security system, and immigration, in exchange for the flow of money from Big Business. But in the present circumstances, Senator Cornpone can no longer do that.

Senator Cornpone is as useless to Big Business as a VHS player or a stack of vinyl records.

And, I am pretty sure, the very Republican brand is quickly becoming a liability to the Big Business.

Making Beautiful Music Together

In the medium or long term, they will probably try founding a “new” political party. Certainly, they will think long and hard about doing so.

In the short run, they need them some Democrats.

So they can make beautiful music together.