Right Twice a Day: A Fair and Balanced Report


Aardvark is anything if not fair and balanced. And, in a fair and balanced mood, he would like to report that, like that famous brocken chronometer from a well-known European nation, Trump has actually been right about two things so far.

One, he has suggested that it would it would be a good idea to elect presidents by popular vote rather than continuing to use the eighteenth century Electoral College.

Two, he wants to “destroy” the provision of tax law that forbids preachers to endorse candidates and keep their tax exempt status. My reason for arguing that he is right? I think that that the Religious Right gets away with violating it all the time, while the Religious Left tries to obey it. Time to level the playing field, folks.


And from the Department of No Shit, Sherlock, comes this BREAKING NEWS tonight:

In a potential shift, Trump warns Israel that new settlements ‘may not help’ achieve Middle East peace