Trump’s Jar of Magical Pixie Dust is a Little Beyond Its Use-By Date

pixie dust

Greg Sargent, Trump’s sparse rally crowd enraged him. His advisers just revealed why.

Good afternoon, ladies and germs. What do you say? Shall we nibble the bullet? Or shall we join with Mr. Sargent, and go ahead and bite it? Bite, is what I say.

The Tulsa rally was intended to be the time and place where red state America stood as one, giving the great big middle finger to the coronavirus. It was intended to be the time and place where red state America roared out its approval of the alternative reality spread by Orange Man’s magical pixie dust.

Instead, what happened? What happened was that, indeed, some portion of red state America was prepared to do those very things. Their representatives were the 6,000 or so folks sitting on the first floor of the BOK Center.

But red state America as a whole is in no way, shape, or form, prepared to bask in the magical pixie dust when it comes to endangering their own lives.

The pixie dust has long since passed its Sell-By date.

In fact, it’s some weeks past its Use-By date.

The Trumpists have tested the limits of their reality-bending powers.

And having tested those limits, they have well and truly found those limits.