Trampling on the Grapes of Wrath

race war

It has become fashionable of late for pundits to enlarge upon the theme of Trump’s lack of leadership.

Well, I, for one, rejoice in his lack of leadership. Because if he did have leadership skills, then his delusional thinking and characterological flaws would make him lead us in the wrong direction. Better no direction than the wrong direction.

Today, Trump offered the opinion that what this country needs is more police brutality.

Tomorrow, or maybe the day after, I think we can anticipate—with a fairly high degree of confidence—that he will “reason” that the only way to escape his predicament is to incite a race war.

Having come to that insight, he will do his dead level best to incite a race war.

Let’s go one more move in the anticipated chess game.

A goodly number of Trump’s more rabid cultists will welcome a race war, and will lend it what physical or verbal or financial support they can muster. Not at all hard to predict.

What’s harder to predict is whether a call for an all-out race war will finally drive an irreparable wedge into the Trump coalition.

They’re Tearing Down the Confederate Monuments in Birmingham

Washington Post, Another night of fire and fury as protests rage across America

To me, it feels different this morning. It feels like the toothpaste is not going back in the tube, the genie is not going back in the bottle.

It might turn into a horrific race war. Certainly, many will fervently hope so. It could indeed happen.

But I see a lot of white folks out there with the demonstrators. Right now, this morning, it feels to me like the ordinary folk are turning on the oppressors.

And God help the oppressors.