Trump’s Reelection—or not: a Fuller Exposition

ruver in Egypt

Ronald Brownstein, The Biggest Obstacle to Trump’s Victory in 2020: There may be an unprecedented level of discontent with the president among voters satisfied with the economy.

A much more detailed explanation of the point I made about electability in the immediately preceding post. By Ron Brownstein, a highly acute political analyst.

Please read it for yourself. But here’s a short summary, in my own words.

Remember the kerfuffle over the crowd size at the inaugural? Trump can’t count. When his core delusions are involved, he loses the ability to enumerate. On Inauguration Day, his grandiosity literally blinded him to the crowd size.

Now, as Brownstein lays out, Trump thinks he’s going to win the election by emphasizing our tribal divisions. In fact, there are not enough hard core members of his racist tribe to push him to victory. But in his delusional mind, his folks are the majority, not a large minority.  Unless he finds a way out of his delusion, he will continue on with a fundamentally flawed reelection strategy. And the fundamental flaw in his strategy will be his electoral downfall.