A Postscript About Neo-Confederates, and About Some Comments by My Posse

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I want to say a little more about the part of the preceding post relating to Max Boot and Martin Longman. One of Longman’s points is that Max Boot and others of his neoconservative ilk were happy enough to rely on neo-Confederate votes back in the Reagan and Bush eras, so long as they, the neoconservative hawks, were in control of foreign and military policy. And, by the way, Longman argues, Max Boot and his neoconservative ilk should feel really badly about their previous acceptance of votes from the neo-Confederates.

Now, I am not personally acquainted with Max Boot or with David Frum or with Jennifer Rubin. But even if I had dinner with them every Thursday, I would still not make it my business to ratiocinate deeply into which of their past decisions they ought to feel very bad about. It doesn’t bloody well matter what they should and shouldn’t feel bad about.

What matters a lot is this. A lot of Republicans have a self-image as sensible and respectable people. But every day that Trump does his movie villain act, there is more and more cognitive dissonance between your image as a Trump supporter and your image as a respectable person, fit to be in polite society. It’s partly about vile policies, but it’s mostly, I think, about the vile stench from his unhinged shit show.

Every day Trump rants and raves, every day his peeps fire tear gas at little kids on the border, someone just can’t take it anymore.

If you happen to be an attentive reader, you know that I have referred several times to the 2018 House Popular Vote Tracker. Well, as of today, the blue vector, pointing left, is up another one tenth of one percent, at 8.1 percent—exactly six percent better than Hillary did in 2016.

Yes, too many people are thoroughly enjoying the shit show, and too others are still holding their noses and supporting Republicans. But the existence and the size of the blue vector, pointing left, are matters of objective reality—fully consistent with the insight that if you go out of your way to be a jerk, then a lot of people won’t like you.

And, speaking of objective fact, remember that in spite of massive gerrymandering, we won the House, bigly.

In recent days, several of my posse have taken me to task, averring that their gut feelings tell them that Trump will probably win again in 2020. That certainly is a possibility. But I must respond that objective facts, not rose colored glasses, provide good ground for optimism.

Here is the nub of the matter. Trump has gaslighted about 44 percent of us. Earlier on, it was reasonable to fear that his gaslighting abilities might somehow grow more powerful and that he would expose the latent racism and gullibility of just a few percent more of us, and thereby keep on winning.

We may thank the Lord Buddha that that turned out not to happen. The reverse has occurred. The center has held.

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Today is Neo-Confederate Day


Max Boot expatiates on the obvious: The GOP is now the party of neo-Confederates.

Martin Longman’s post, The Crocodile Tears of Neoconservatives, responds to Boot. Longman has much to say about paleoconservatives, neo-Confederates, and neoconservatives. There is a certain complexity to his explication. I won’t try to summarize it, but I think that if you read it, it will be worth your while.

Meantime, as we await the Mississippi rallies this evening, Politico tells us, Hyde-Smith has Republicans holding their breath and saying “We don’t want an Alabama.”

Well, I don’t think it’s likely there will be “an Alabama.” For one thing, it’s Mississippi. More importantly, though, Senator Hyde-Smith, is just a conventional down home girl casual, well-dressed racist. She’s no Roy Moore. I’ll bet she even has the politesse not to call her servants “darkies.” Sure, she has nice things to say about her Confederate heritage, but so does pretty much everyone else in her country club. And all of them will resent the hell out of the damn yankees’ trying to make something of it. And that resentment will be enough to make lots of white Mississippians come out and vote for her.

But the joker in the deck, metaphorically speaking, is The Donald. (And, may I say, “joker” is a damn fine metaphor, under the circumstances.)

The Donald started out nutty and he’s getting nuttier by the day. There will come a time, one of these evenings, when the men in the white coats will have to show up and drag him off stage.

That probably won’t be tonight. But it might be. I am pretty sure it will be a rant for the ages.