Strange, 44; Stranger, 56: the One Percenters’ Long Con Begins to Unravel


Many things could be said about the victory this evening of Judge Ten Commandments. Many things will be said. Here’s what I say.

Aardvark celebrates Moore’s victory—but not because it provides a fairly definitive answer to Steve Bannon’s question about the percentage of morons among the white Alabama electorate. For that answer, Aardvark grieves.

Nor do I celebrate Moore’s victory because it answers, at least for white voters in Alabama, the long-mooted debate about which is more salient: Trump’s magical, mystical Pied Piper personality, or the fact that Trump was the most prominent national figure to embrace and validate the voters’ racism. For that answer, I grieve as well.

Likewise, I do not celebrate Moore’s victory because it leaves Trump with egg all over his face. Aardvark does not give a tinker’s damn about what Trump has on his face.

No, I celebrate Judge Moore’s victory because it marks the driving of an enormous wedge between the con artists of McConnellism-Ryanism and the victims who make up so much of the “Republican base.”

Together, con artists and victims could win the Electoral College in 2016.

Divided, they’re going to have trouble electing the dog catcher in Coaling, Alabama.

The con artists are going to head for exits. Corker announced his departure today. Many others will follow.

Will the last one lickspittle for the National Chamber of Commerce to leave Congress, please turn out the lights?