From Anthony Scaramucci’s Lips to God’s Ears

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Scaramucci pointed to the past few weeks of the administration, which has included a report of potential corruption linked to Trump’s Turnberry golf resort in Scotland and his clash with NOAA over its Hurricane Dorian forecasts, among other controversies.

“I mean, maybe you’re saying that it can’t get any worse than this, but I predict that it will. It will get a lot worse. He almost looked sedated tonight,” Scaramucci said of Trump’s 2020 re-election rally in Fayetteville.

“I don’t know if you were watching the rally. I mean he looked sedated, he was using words that he typically doesn’t use, he was reading off the prompter. He’s got a loss of confidence going on and he’s got a loss of personality at the same time.”

The Shitstorm Du Jour

That would be the chaos surrounding the departure of John Bolton, which broke while I was having a very pleasant siesta.

Brief comment: we’re in a mell of a hess when we miss John Bolton as a voice of reason and sanity.

But hold that thought, and let us think some final thoughts about the shitstorm of last week: that would be the shitstorm about the shitstorm, to wit, Hurricane Dorian.

I am no fan of the Mooch, but he appears to be on to something. Think about this question: why did The Donald make such a big deal about his obvious meteorological error about the path of the storm?

Because “He Always Has to be Right”?

Maybe. But think about this. Trump thinks he’s an expert on deal making and on economic policy. But he has never claimed—even falsely claimed—any expertise in the science of weather forecasting.

And think about this. Plainly, he was—in his own mind—summarizing and passing on information that others had given him. When that information turned out to be incorrect, why not just claim that the people who gave him the information were wrong, but that he correctly reported the substance of what they had said?

Because He Wanted to Have a Little Joke on the Fake News People?

Yeah, right. At the expense of all his voters along the Redneck Riviera. I don’t think so.

Maybe if had been Baltimore he was talking about, it might make some kind of cruel, weird sense that he wanted to scare the folks in the inner city.

But not Mobile and Pensacola.

Because of Something Else?

I think so—and the Mooch lets us know what it was. Trump is slipping mentally, and he knows he is slipping mentally.

And so Trump badly needed to fool someone about the extent of the mental slippage.

And the person Trump badly needed to fool was Donald J. Trump.

It’s the best explanation that fits the known facts. And the only explanation that makes sense to me.