The Lord of Misrule Ramps it Up One More Notch

Lord Misrule

As multiple reports surface of efforts to cook the books on the covid stats, at the state and level, Trump once again tried to own the libs by claiming he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic. Charlie Sykes mourns the death of satire:

Keep in mind that the supposed—but unproven—benefits of HCQ are as a therapeutic for people who have COVID-19, not as a prophylactic to prevent you from contracting the virus.

Also keep in mind that it’s an open question as to whether or not the president of the United States is

    • Taking an unproven and unnecessary medication which the medical establishment has warned is dangerous in the context of COVID-19, or
    • Lying about taking this medication.

Satire despairs.

This clusterfork came two days after one of the president’s grown-ass sons, Eric, claimed that the novel coronavirus which has killed, officially, more than 90,000 Americans will “magically vanish” after the November 3 election, freeing the country to reopen.

Why will it vanish after November 3? As Eric explained Fox’s Jeanine Pirro there is a “cognizant strategy” by Trump’s enemies to use COVID-19 to thwart his father’s ability to hold his trademark rallies. After daddy’s glorious reelection, the Deep State Fake News Whatever will no longer need this phantom threat, so it will simply vanish.

Aardvark’s Animadversions

If Orange Man wants to take a drug that is likely to cause his heart to fail, and if he takes it and his heart fails, then so be it.

And if Orange Man think’s it’s all a hoax, and if he wants to revive the Nuremburg rallies, there’s no need whatsoever to be deterred by the media. No need at all. Let Trump revive the Nuremburg rallies, and let his followers come in droves, coughing, spitting, and high-fiveing, and let the consequences be what the consequences will be.