A Postscript on the “2018 McSally for US Senate Post Election Review”


To follow up briefly on the immediately preceding post, I note that the sniveling weasels who wrote the above-described memo whine that, in addition to the fact that twenty percent of Arizona Republicans hate Trump’s guts, their candidate was also badly outspent:

Starting in April of 2018, Sinema spent a total of $4.7M before the primary. Sinema was a fundraising magnet for national Democrat donors, drawing millions from major out of state donors. She had four months of positive reinventing ads running before McSally was up on TV at all starting July 31. McSally spent a total of $2.4 million in the primary with conservative messaging focused on winning a primary battle against two well-known Arizona Republicans.

In total, the Sinema campaign was able to create a commanding lead in fundraising against her would be opponent Martha McSally. National Democratic money enabled pro-Sinema forces to be able to begin attacking McSally during the Republican primary in August, with Soros and Schumer funded entities spending over a million dollars attacking McSally while she was still enmeshed in a tough GOP primary.

Point noted. But why didn’t the plutocrats come to McSally’s aid? Why was she so badly outspent?

I take this as another hopeful sign that the smart money has begun to act on the insight that, going forward, the Republican brand and the Republican organization will no longer be much of a help in imposing their will on the country. That you don’t get rich and stay rich by throwing good money after bad. That it’s time to buy them some Democrats.