There are No Cherokees in Cherokee County

That’s down to that great American hero, Andy Jackson. And, right now, that’s a good thing for the surviving Cherokees.*

School opened six days ago in Cherokee County. Face coverings mandatory for teachers “when social distancing is not possible.” Face coverings optional for students.

These would be the great-great-great-greatgrandchildren of the European-American heroes who did the ethnic cleansing back in the 1830s. And, may I say, European-American heroes who didn’t want no gov’mint tellin’ ‘em what to do—except, of course, when the advice involve whuppin’ the Indians and stealing their land.

The apple, as ever, does not fall far from the tree.

Most of the children, apparently, selected the “no mask” option. Freedom, doncha know?

826 non-Cherokee Cherokee students are now in quarantine, along with 42 teachers.

* Out in Oklahoma, the leaders of the actual Cherokee Nation are actually trying to do the right thing—an approach that holds no appeal for the County Fathers of Cherokee County, Georgia.