The Nature of His Delusions

cat and lion

Greg Sargent, Trump is staking reelection on one of his biggest lies

Yes, I know. You are sick and tired of Trump’s bullshit, and just wish it would all go away. Brethren and sistern, I feel your pain.

Nevertheless, he is still with us, at least for a season longer. And as long as he is still with us, it is worth knowing how much of his bullshit he believes, himself, and how much consists of stick-in-the-throat lies. By now, it’s plain there is some of each. But as time marches on, and we gain yet more familiarity with his disordered mind, it seems, at least to me, that the portion of his bullshit consisting of plain lies goes up, and the proportion consisting of rooted factual delusion is relatively low.

Greg Sargent does a nice job of dissecting Trump’s lies relating to trade with China—and how he’s preparing the ground for a loss in the trade war.

The delusion lies largely not in counterfactual beliefs on issues such as who pays the tariffs, but rather in the counterfactual belief that he can keep on bullshitting his way through life and get away with it.


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