Why Progressives Should Support an Investigation of Trump’s Bogus Voter Claims


Aardvark has claimed that Trump was born in Belarus, but does not support an investigation of the tremendous controversy surrounding that claim.

But there are three reasons why progressives should support an investigation of Minority President Trump’s delusional claim concerning the five million illegal Hillary voters—and then do all they can to ensure that the investigation is fair and objective.

One of those reasons is not that investigation will prove to Trump’s satisfaction that he was wrong. That will not happen.

1. Opposing an investigation makes it look like you’re hiding something.

It will tend to reinforce delusions about illegal voting shared by a good slice of Trump’s base.

2. Supporting an investigation will show that you have nothing to fear, and may give an opportunity to ensure that it is fair.

3. Fear of new voter suppression does not justify opposition to an investigation.

On the voter suppression issue, progressives are paranoids who have actual enemies, so the paranoia is understandable. That said, you need to be as reasonable as you can be about your fears.

Trump’s bogus claim about the five million illegal voters is certainly a valid reason to fear that evil may be afoot. But Trump didn’t stop there. He also called for an investigation.

Think it through. Either there will be an investigation of there won’t be. If there is no investigation, then we have a talking point about how the lying bastard was afraid to seek the true facts.

If, on the other hand, there is an investigation, then either (a) it will show the claim to be bogus or (b) it will be a ridiculous flight of fantasy, such a put up job that everyone except those of the meanest intelligence will see through it.

I don’t think we have anything to lose.