Gonna Be Dershowitz


Almost all the qualified criminal defense lawyers have deserted Trump or refused to join his team in the first place.

What’s Don the Con going to do? I think he’s going to place himself in the hands of retired Harvard Law professor and current Faux News commentator, Alan Dershowitz. And I think Dershowitz will take the job.

Back when Hector was a pup, I learned what little I know about criminal law from Dershowitz, so I have followed his career with some interest.

Thinks he’s ten times as smart as everyone else. Loves to mouth off. Loves the spotlight. Loves to defend seemingly lost causes. Defended Claus vol Bulow and got a movie out of it. Defended Mike Tyson. One on the cast of thousands on the O.J. Simpson legal team.

Sure, he’ll take on the job of defending Trump.

But what’s gonna happen when Trump refuses to follow his advice—as he’s done with all his other lawyers—and Dershowitz reads him the riot act?

Obviously, It Was a Diabolically Clever Ruse


Because no lawyers for Trump could possibly have been stupid enough to eat lunch at a fashionable Washington restaurant located next door to the New York Times Washington bureau—and engage in a loud discussion of sensitive legal defense matters. Right?

They must have recognized the Times reporter sitting at the next table? Right?

It has to have been a wickedly clever plan to deceive everyone about the defense strategy.

That loud debate about those secret documents locked in a White House safe? Must have been designed to lead everyone on a wild goose chase.

It’s all spelled out in Trump Lawyers Clash Over How Much to Cooperate With Russia Inquiry.