Congratulations, Amy, You Did the Right Thing, Too

CNN, Amy Klobuchar will end 2020 presidential campaign and endorse Joe Biden

In Politico, Super Tuesday polls: Bernie’s edge, Biden’s bounce and Bloomberg’s debut we get a good look at the confused state of play, a few hours before Buttigieg threw in the towel, and about a day before Klobuchar gave up this afternoon.

As of this hour,’s poll of polls shows Sanders at 29.0 percent nationally, Biden at 18.1 percent, Bloomberg at 14.5 percent, and Warren at 12.5 percent. These numbers add to 74.1 percent—and thus do not account for 25.9 percent of the Democratic electorate. I think it is fair to assume that a good portion of that 25.9 percent will now go to Biden. Sleepy Joe, one may expect, will have no great difficulty gaining more than the additional 10.9 percent support he needs to surpass Crazy Bernie.

The race will now be much more coherent. With fewer candidates from which to choose, voters will be able to make a more rational choice.

Do you want to say Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, I’m a Liberal?

Or do You Say You Want a Revolution?


Uh, oh. Russian readership up today.