“All Persons Born or Naturalized in the United States, and Subject to the Jurisdiction Thereof, Are Citizens of the United States”

Robert Tracinski, Kamala Harris Is the Birthright Citizenship Candidate: And that’s why the Flight 93 crowd hates her.

Yeah, right, they hate her for her perceived “otherness,” just as they hated Barak Hussein Obama for his perceived “otherness.”

The thought that strikes me is, If Kamala Harris is now to be declared a non-citizen—in effect, a stateless person—how many other Americans are in the same boat, and how is it likely to affect their incentive to come out and vote for the Democratic ticket?

I did a little research, and the question turns out to be hard to answer. One statistic that keeps popping up is that some four million children in the United States have at least one undocumented parent. And that’s just the children. I haven’t found data for the total number of Americans, both children and adults, who are that kind of “birthright citizen.”

In the case of Senator Harris, at the time of her birth, her parents were both non-citizen alients, but I haven’t seen any claim that either one was in the United States illegally. And so, if “birthright citizenship” is to be denied to children of legal immigrants, the number of Americans to be excluded must run into the many, many millions.

In short, making this pitch about “birthright citizenship”—which, by the way, is 180 degrees inconsistent with the language of the Fourteenth Amendment, quoted in the headline—strikes me as an absolutely splendid way for the wingnuts to goose up the vote for the Democratic ticket.

The Kamala Harris Effect

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 1.59.37 AM

The above is from Axios this evening.

So … 23 percent of my fellow melanin-challenged Americans allowed as how Harris’s selection made it “less likely” that they would vote for Biden. But the likelihood of Joe Biden getting a single vote out of any of that 23 percent was zero. He could run with the ghost of Jefferson Davis, and they would still vote for Trump. These people are not a credit to their race.

I think the 43 percent “more likely” among Black women is very encouraging. We are greatly in need of their enthusiasm.

Also interesting: both “moderate” Democrats AND “liberal” Democrats averred, in overwhelming numbers, that Harris’s selection makes them “more likely” to support the Democratic ticket.

Nice, but curious. I would guess it indicates that Senator Harris does a pretty good job of appearing to be what you would like to see in her.

And that, I suppose, Is another way of describing someone with great political talent.

The Human Symbol of the Doomed MAGA Project

Many have written of the wingnuts’ ridiculous struggle to find a coherent line of attack against Kamala Harris. Their bullshit will fast wash away, and they will very soon discover exactly what is wrong with Kamala Harris: her skin is darker than average, her mother came from India, her father came from Jamaica, and she is a highly successful professional.

And we surely don’t want no uppity, successful, dark skinned people in our neighborhood!

Most especially if they’re women.

No need to gin up the base with contorted, unpersuasive “constitutional” arguments. Because if there is anything that drives the base bananas, it’s an uppity, successful, dark skinned woman who is the child of immigrants.

The old world is dying. The new world is being born. The birth pangs are bloody, but utterly necessary.

This afternoon, Paul Waldman writes,

Harris represents just the kind of America that seems to fill Trump and many of his supporters with anger and fear. She’s a multiracial child of immigrants who rose to the heights of her chosen field. She went to Howard University and cooks Indian food with Mindy Kaling. She’s a walking demonstration of why America’s history as a magnet for immigrants makes us the most dynamic country in the world.

And if Harris becomes vice president — and after that, perhaps president — it will symbolize the fact that, for all his efforts to slam shut America’s doors, for all the miles of border wall he built, for all the people seeking asylum he turned away, for all the children he wrenched from parents’ arms and threw into cages, Trump could not make America “great” again in the way he promised.

This is a profound failure that Trump’s supporters will come to understand as time goes on, whether he wins or loses in November. America is still, despite his efforts, a land of immigrants. Older white people will continue to be shocked and angered when they hear people speaking Spanish or Mandarin or Somali in the supermarket. Our culture — our food, our music, our entertainment, our language — will continue to evolve and change. All that is what Trump said he would unwind. But he never could.

And while Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee precisely because the party’s voters decided he’d be least threatening to whites (and men, and older people) in the general election, Kamala Harris is a reminder to the MAGA set that, in the end, their project is doomed. I suspect that at some level, even they know it.

As do I suspect the very same thing, Paul. As do I.


Biden and harris

According to the talking heads, she is both inevitable and exciting, at the same time. Not easy to do. A neat trick. Good for her. Good for Biden. And good for America.

But the consensus is that, during her short primary campaign, she screwed up both the organization and the message. Uncle Joe, himself, has had his share of screwups. Now is the time for both of them to rise to the occasion. I am cautiously optimistic.

Orange Man’s Brilliant Attack on Harris

Having had weeks and months to think about how to take Kamala down, Tim Miller summarizes the message from the right:

So to sum up:

Kamala Harris is a cop—

—who is an anti-police extremist.

A radical leftist—

—who is causing a “revolt” among Bernie voters.

A phony—

—who was too nasty to Joe Biden.


Democratic candidate for US President Kamala Harris, Oakland, USA - 27 Jan 2019

CNN Poll: Harris and Warren rise and Biden slides after first Democratic debates

Politico, Harris allies see sexism and desperation in Biden camp backlash

I am not paid by the word—in fact, I am not paid at all. So I have no reason to spin this out, beyond three very brief, and very fundamental, points.

Point One. Joe Biden is a nice guy, but he is too damn old to be president and too damn old to run for president.

Trust me on this one. Take it from an old guy, but one who is not quite as old as Biden.

Point Two. Joe Biden royally screwed up two prior presidential runs. Children, in a world of great uncertainty, here’s something you can take to the bank: if you screwed it up twice already, you are probably going to screw it up again.

Point Three. Kamala is a brilliant prosecutor and debater. Her debate performance was no fluke. It was no accident. It was no flash in the pan. If you are a brilliant prosecutor and debater, then you are going to filet your next victim the same way you skewered your last opponent. You will do it again. And again. And again.

The Donald is said to be scared of her. That shows that, despite everything, the man has a certain animal cunning, a certain insight for self-protection.

One of my posse asked whether Trump might just skip the presidential debates. I think he will do that very thing.

More Midnight Reading

As I write, we are nigh upon the stroke of midnight. If you are still up and want some sweet dreams, try these two reads.

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Yes, and according to the author, it also predicts that the Democrats will win 278 electoral votes and the Republicans, 197.

You may be the kind of person who is inclined to scoff at this type of analysis. Do feel free to scoff away, to your heart’s content. But, just for a fun parlor game, read Dr. Bitecofer’s analysis and explain to yourself exactly where you think she’s wrong.

Eugene Robinson, Never Trumpers have a decision to make

Enjoy a good belly laugh, along with Eugene, as he chortles over all those Never Trumpers who have taken to their fainting couches, aghast at the prospect that the Democratic Party might nominate an actual Democrat to run for president.

Ain’t Gonna Be Biden, Folks


In January, a reporter contacted the nascent Biden campaign to request an interview. She wanted to ask the former vice president about lingering criticisms that were bound to come up on the trail: how, as a senator, he failed Anita Hill; his lead role in the 1994 crime bill; his vote for the Iraq war; his mixed record on abortion rights; his handsy ways; the hot mess that is Hunter.

And that little girl was me.

Maureen Dowd, Kamala Shotguns Joe Sixpack.

Read on. Read on.