Early Onset Alzheimer’s is a Tragic Disease


Trump says he doesn’t recall speaking to Sondland the day after his call with Zelensky

Barr: ‘I Don’t Remember’ Trump Asking for Press Conference Over Ukraine Call

Sondland ‘Does Not Recall’ Threatening Ukraine Over Security Aid: Attorney

There will soon come a time when they won’t be able to remember that Trump was ever president.

But, all seriousness aside …

The talking heads have now spoken, and they have all pretty much decided that the overheard July 26 Sondland-Trump phone call—the one made from a restaurant in Kyiv (which used to be spelled Kiev), with Trump on a speaker phone saying he cared about investigating the Bidens and didn’t give a tinker’s damn about Ukraine—is the really big news of the day.

I can see it’s important, but it seems to me to be additional, cumulative evidence of what we already knew.

Dog bites man.

I still think the part of the story where the man bites the dog comes at the point where Rep. Blabbidy Blabbidy invents a fairy tale about Trump restoring the military aid because he has become convinced, after a few months, that Zelinsky is really a good guy after all.

But I haven’t seen anyone else raising the point.

I think maybe their bullshit detectors are so burned out that they can’t detect it when a new and highly creative piece of bullshit lands on their path.