Jesus Take the Wheel


Yesterday, April 12: Senator Grassley tries to explain agricultural economics to The Donald, while John Kelly face palms.


Thanks to Martin Longman, who calls our attention to Trump’s removal of his twitter post of the top picture. 

And enjoy Today’s 5 Best Quotes From Freaked-Out Trump Sources, Ranked:

  1. Quote: “There was fear in Trump’s orbit that the president is liable to erupt in anger in coming days, escalating his attacks against Mueller at a time when his attorneys are negotiating a possible interview.”
    Source: “Trump’s orbit”
  2. Quote: “Mr. Trump’s advisers have spent the last 24 hours trying to convince the president not to make an impulsive decision that could put the president in more legal jeopardy and ignite a controversy that could consume his presidency.”
    Source: “several people close to Mr. Trump”
  3. Quote: “He’s sitting there bitching and moaning. He’s brooding and doesn’t have a plan.”
    Source: “a Republican close to the White House”
  4. Quote: “He’s losing his shit,” the operative added. “We’re at a different level now.”
    Source: “a GOP operative close to the White House”
  5. Quote: “Jesus take the wheel.”
    Source: “a former White House official”