Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

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Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

Some misread the execrable 7-page document some of Trump’s team issued on Saturday as “conceding the facts.” That is wrong, as today’s 109-page (not counting appendices) makes clear. He concedes nothing—though the net effect of Trump’s current legal posture is to make a factual defense what lawyers call a “fallback argument.” His first line of defense is the abstract proposition that there can be no impeachment unless a violation of the United States Code is alleged.

And, may I say, that for the first time, the Monday filing bears a superficial resemblance to an actual legal brief.

It’s just that the world depicted in the defense brief is Neverneverland.

You probably will not be surprised to learn that this is not the first time, in the history of American jurisprudence, that a legal brief has painted an utterly false picture of reality. And, you may be mildly gratified to learn that such efforts generally lead to the client’s being flushed down the crapper.

Demolishing Dershowitz

Mr. Kellyanne Conway, Bob Bauer, and Paul Waldman demolish Dershowitz.

And not only Conway, Bauer, and Waldman. The 1998 Dershowitz demolishes the 2019 Dershowitz. Just click to enjoy.