Shape-Shifting Schizophrenia

Tonight, remains all truthy and sciency and pretend reasonable.

man of science

But, we are informed by the New York Times, “The president’s stark departure from his message on Thursday night, when he announced guidelines for governors to reopen their states and said they would “call your own shots,” suggested he was ceding any semblance of national leadership on the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, over at the Trump twitter feed we find:

Libeeration Tweets

Tonight, the Washington Post tells us that Trump campaign concludes there is more to be gained by attacking Biden than trying to promote president’s pandemic response. That is because, as the article spells out, the majority of Trump’s advisers have concluded that there is not a single, solitary additional vote to be had by praising Trump’s work as a “wartime president,” manfully leading the people in the fight against the deadly enemy.

Attacks are the only arrows left in his quiver:

  • largely bogus attacks on Biden, and
  • attacks on governors, mostly Democratic governors, who are following the sciency guidelines laid out on’s home page.

Two Audiences, Two Utterly Irreconcilable Messages

They have gone from trying to make everyone forget the things Trump said from January to mid-March. They put in the call to our old friend Winston, over at the Ministry of Truth, but the Ministry of Truth screwed up, bigly.

Now they are trying to convey two warring messages at the same time to two different audiences.

To the educated, affluent white people who traditionally voted Republican, they want Trump to be the reasonable Man of Science,.

To the uneducated white riffraff, and particularly to the more volatile and unhinged among that group, they want Trump to be the proud Know Nothing on view in his twitter feed.

These are the folks to whom Trump now looks for his salvation.