Today’s Impeachment Hearings So Far: Seven Observations

dictionary K

  1. Chairman Nadler laid out a blistering, fact based condemnation of Trump. Republicans want to talk about anything and everything other than that fact based condemnation. Democrats have a narrative. Republicans have virtually no counternarrative.
  2. Apparently, the only law professor the Republicans could find was unready or unwilling to make a substantive defense of Trump.
  3. I don’t think most Trump supporters are smart enough to understand what the Republican’s guy, Professor Turley, is talking about.
  4. Turley claims that the Democrats are trying to cut out the courts from ruling on Trump’s assertions of privileges or other defenses to documents and testimony. But Turley totally ignores the fact that Trump made a blanket demand that no document or testimony be provided, period.
  5. Turly is irony challenged; see point four. But the Democrats have a slight irony problem in their embrace of the originalist approach to constitutional interpretation.
  6. You can always tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him much.
  7. But the real heroine was the woman from Stanford. (If you have been watching the hearings, you will recognize the relevance of the picture above, which depicts Samuel Johnson consulting his dictionary.)

Help Me Make It Through the Night

As you know, I get by with a little help from my friends. Hans got into the spirit of my musical posts, and sends this this dance of the Salt Beaters of Schwäbisch Hall to help us while away the remaining hours till the impeachment hearings.

And this, from the Shepherds’ Festival in Markgröningen.

Meanwhile, this evening Dr. Aardvark and I finished the first season of the outstanding Canadian TV series, Slings and Arrows. So, let me end the last post of the evening on a cheery note.

Here’s One Dedicated to Chairman Schiff and All the Democrats Aiming to Do It by the Book

Alas, there is apparently no Norwegian cover for I Walk the Line, so let’s substitute the Finnish version.

The Finnish rendition is slightly softer in tone than Johnny Cash’s prison performance.

And speaking of jail, let me end with this parody version, which I dedicate to the Jim Jordan: Because I’m swine, I must resign.

This One’s for Moscow Mitch and His Kentucky Supporters

Norwegian singer Aslak Gjennestad gives really special treatment to That Old Mountain Dew.

Pappa Aardvark enjoyed playing That Old Mountain Dew on his harmonica. Another treasured memory is listening to him sing Little Brown Jug. I think it reminded him of those golden, but somewhat indistinct, years before Mamma made him stop drinking.

Here, the Norwegian Army Band serenades us with its own rendition of the song. (Reminds me of the witticism that military music is to music as military justice is to justice.). Take it away, Norwegian Army Band!

For those of you who did not have the good fortune to sing this song in your childhood years, here’s the original version.