Do Not Read This Post, President Trump


If I thought Trump might be reading this post, I would not put it up. Because I want to mention three things that might help him get his tits out of the wringer.

Trump has three big problems. They are quite different, but they are going to intersect and interact with each other over the coming months. Here is what he needs to do about each problem.

Throw Rudy Giuliani Under the Bus, Then Back Over Him Several Times

The whole Ukrainian mess had its origins with Rudy Giuliani’s madness. Trump should announce that Rudy deceived him, and he now regrets the whole thing. Wouldn’t make him look good. But I think it would slow down the impeachment train. Bigly.

Abjectly Surrender to the Chinese, and Then Proclaim a Huuuuuuge Victory

It would fool his most gullible followers, greatly relieve the plutocrats, and prevent his political troubles from playing out in a time of grave economic troubles.

Get Medical Help for His Deteriorating Mental State

‘Nuff said.