Remind Me Again, How Can You Tell When Trump is Lying?


N.Y. Times, Taliban Talks Hit a Wall Over Deeper Disagreements, Officials Say

KABUL, Afghanistan — Even as President Trump blamed a recent Taliban attack for his decision to call off nearly yearlong negotiations with the insurgents, officials suggested on Sunday it had more to do with the Taliban’s resistance to the American terms for a peace deal, and a rushed plan for a Camp David summit meeting.

Daily Kos, A top-secret peace plan that’s not secret, peaceful, or happening

So … on Saturday evening Donald Trump let it be known that he had planned a secret meeting in which he would bring the Taliban to Camp David and deploy his magic Sharpie to scrawl a peace plan. And, as it turns out, Trump’s crackerjack team of diplomacy-schlomacy experts on getting deals done had been working on this for some time — without bothering to involve the government of the country they were negotiating over.

But just hours short of get his “take that Jimmy Carter” on, Trump called the whole thing off because the terrorists confessed to a bombing in Kabul. A bombing we already knew was caused by the Taliban. The actual bombing happened two days ago, and the U.S. knew that Taliban was behind it two days ago, but that wasn’t what caused Trump to call off the deal. Trump called off the deal because the Taliban admitted they were behind the bombing that killed Sgt. 1st Class Elis Angel Barreto Ortiz. Trump could deal with the people he knew were behind the murder of a U.S. paratrooper. He couldn’t deal with them telling the truth about it. Because admitting to something wrong is simply too alien a concept for Trump.