The Joy of Truthiness


Gordon Sondland, hotel magnate, Trump donor, current United States ambassador to the European Union, and Ukraine fixer, will be deposed next Thursday. I have speculated about whether he will (i) rend his garments, confess his sins, and throw Trump under the bus or (ii) lie, spin, and attempt to weasel his way out of the mess he got himself into.

Around 10PM last night, a 32-paragraph article appeared, chock full of information about his forthcoming testimony, with abundant citations to an unnamed source familiar with what he is going to say. (I leave it to you to speculate about the name of the unnamed source.)

It appears that Ambassador Sondland is planning to opt for truthiness. He will say lots of quite interesting things—please read the article for yourself—including that Trump told him to say there was no quid pro quo. And that, poison ally, he himself does not know whether Trump was being truthful when he denied the quid pro quo, or whether Trump was lying through his teeth.

He will throw Giuliani under the bus. As to himself, he will deny that he knew that the Ukraine exercise was about Biden.

The latter claim is raising eyebrows by several centimeters throughout the city of Washington