Michelle Goldberg on Fingergate


Michelle Goldberg, Democrats, Tara Reade and the #MeToo Trap: Don’t compare the case against Joe Biden to the one against Brett Kavanaugh

Ms. Goldberg is not well served by her headline writer, because the whole point of the piece is precisely to compare and contrast Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh with Tara Reade’s accusations against Joe Biden.

Ms. Reade does not come off looking good.

On the other hand, I remain of the view that Joe Biden, the Democratic National Committee, and Democrats generally would be best served by an investigation conducted on behalf of the DNC by a reputable law firm. The alternative they are now pursuing is to leave the investigating to investigative journalists. That leaves the Democratic leadership open to a claim of “hypocrisy” and “disparate treatment.”

As Ms. Goldberg carefully explains, that charge of hypocrisy may not be valid. But her reasoning is complex.

And when you are offering a complex explanation, you may be losing an argument that you deserve to win.

Biden Developments


I thought Mika Brzezinski did a good job on Morning Joe today, summarizing the most recent developments in Fingergate. I tried, but failed, to download and post the video, but it’s available here, https://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe/watch/weekend-developments-in-the-allegation-against-biden-82978885756, runs less than six minutes, and will repay the watching.

Mika marshals the evidence, and lets the viewer draw her or his own conclusions. My own conclusion: not looking good for the allegator.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports, Senate rejects Biden’s call to release any potential records on alleged misconduct.