The Root of All Evil, The Root of Fascism

mussolini quote

This afternoon’s scripture reading comes from Saint Paul:

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

One important kind of evil engendered by the greed of the plutocrats is the evil caused, time and again, when they embrace the demagogue, in the vain hope that they can control him.

There are two suggested readings on that topic today.

Jonathan Chait, An Insider Book Tries to Praise Trump, But Instead Exposes His Corruption

Trumponomics is a damning exposé of the corrupt bargain between Donald Trump and the party’s wealthy insiders. The odd thing is that the book is not intended as an exposé at all, but as an auto-hagiography written by three Republican policy entrepreneurs who helped win Trump over and shape his program, and are so lacking in self-awareness that they earnestly believe they are defending both Trump and his partners.

I encourage you to read the whole post. It is the mother and father of all takedowns.

This afternoon’s other recommended read is Jens Kruse, What an Obscure German Novel Taught Me About Dictators, which recounts how blind faith in normality and human decency can dampen timely resistance, and bring about disaster.

This Song is for You, Hans

Hans hears “America First” and thinks “Deutschland über alles.“  And so do we all.

After today’s abomination of an inauguration speech, Aardvark takes cold comfort in this thought: a cleverer fascist would probably do a much better job of concealing his hand.

In addition, there’s the widespread revulsion that followed the speech.

That said, it CAN HAPPEN HERE. I don’t think it will, in the end, but it can.

We need our friends in Europe to keep on reminding us of the lessons of history.

And so, Hans, this song is for you.


P.S. To add to the footnote in my last post, here’s an additional shoutout to Aardvark’s readers in Israel, Ireland, and Canada.