“You First, Gaston!” “After You, Alphonse!”


Republican Senators Play Alphonse to Trump’s Gaston

Hill GOP support grows for Trump to make emergency declaration: Some Republicans see the move as a face-saving way out of the shutdown.

Republican support for an emergency declaration to build President Donald Trump’s border wall is growing in Congress, as GOP leaders and White House officials view it as a way out of a shutdown fight they’re losing. …

Trump allies believe it would send an unmistakable message to the president’s base that he’s dead serious about border security. But it would also allow Trump and Republicans to save face, they note privately. GOP leaders on Capitol Hill know support for the shutdown is slowly eroding inside the party, as more moderate Republicans call for an end to the crisis.

Because, who gives a flying fuck about the Constitution as long as Republican empty suits can dodge their responsibilities and save their bacon?