Fiat Iustitia ne Pereat Mundus

fiat iustitia

In Blow to Old Boys’ Club, Female Broker Wins the Right to Expose Co-Worker Who Shit in Her Mug: A judge has ruled Cantor Fitzgerald cannot enforce an arbitration agreement involving Lee Stowell, whose co-workers allegedly used her Bernie Sanders mug as atoilet.

In Other Law-Related News …

Matt Ford, The Court of Supremely Bad Faith: This term, the conservative justices are dreaming up alternate realities to justify their preordained conclusions:

A growing number of Democrats have embraced court-packing as a solution to the conservative grip on the Supreme Court. Last month, I argued that it would be an irreversible blow to the American tradition of judicial independence. It risks turning the nation’s highest court into something resembling Britain’s House of Lords, a chamber of lifetime appointees whose membership is decided solely by the whims of each new government. Packing the courts is typically the kind of behavior that the State Department condemns when it happens in illiberal democracies and would-be dictatorships.

But those points presumed that the Supreme Court wasn’t already headed that way. If the court’s conservative justices uphold the citizenship question despite all the evidence against it, Democrats could reasonably conclude that the justices are more concerned about maximizing the Republican Party’s electoral prospects than applying the law to the facts at hand. In those circumstances, packing the court wouldn’t be what transforms the court into a purely political force. It would merely finish the job.


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