Coronavirus Truthers, You Go First

Golden Rule

After several paragraphs contrasting the irresponsible and uninformed crackpots who want to reopen the economy right away—who want Orange Man to make a decision that “he has no constitutional, statutory, or practical ability” to enforce—with sensible voices, such as the very Christian Dr. Redfield, head of the CDC, Jennifer Rubin advances this modest proposal:

Let me suggest a simple test for those arguing for a quick return to business as normal absent a robust testing, contact tracing and quarantine program: You go first.

Trump should cease requiring everyone who comes into his orbit to submit to a covid-19 test. After all, if it’s not important enough for all of us to have the same protection, he should feel perfectly comfortable re-engaging with those of unknown health status.

Fox hosts who recommend hydroxychloroquine should be lining up to participate in clinical tests. They can be the canaries in the coal mine. (I would not be so irresponsible as to suggest they take it outside controlled circumstances.)

Business leaders and Trump sycophants such as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who push for a May reopening of the economy should be the first on the factory floors (shake every returning worker’s hand), the first to ride public transportation to and from work, and the first to pay social calls at nursing homes.

Among the covid-19 deniers, the maniacal capitalists and the Trump campaign cheerleaders, there is far too much eagerness to expose others to dangers that I suspect they would be entirely unwilling to undertake themselves. They should abide by a single Golden Rule of public health: Do not advocate for others what you are unwilling to do yourself. Maybe if forced to consider the risk to their own health and lives, they will act with greater care.