Something’s Gotta Give

Let’s sum it up.

Finding themselves in tax-cutting, deregulatory Ayn Rand heaven, the Republican establishment has gleefully embraced the Cult of Trump.

Meanwhile, previous Trump supporters of the female persuasion are handing in their Cult membership cards in droves.

At the same time, the law enforcement and national security establishment, led by Trump appointees, vehemently rejects a central theme of the Cult of Trump: that claims of Russian interference are a witch hunt.

And, while the Cult of Trump is doing very well in some quarters, the object of its veneration, the Dear Leader himself, is doing badly. Soon, no one who bears the slightest resemblance to a minimally competent person—let alone the slightest resemblance to a qualified and morally upright person—will be left in the White House. The Dear Leader will be alone in his pajamas, cell phone in hand, tweeting madly.

The institution of the White House, at the core of our government, will have become entirely dysfunctional.

Taken together, these circumstances produce what Marx and Mao called “contradictions.”

Something’s Gotta Give.