A Little Thought Experiment—with a Cigar and a Blue Dress


I just shared some thoughts on a rational Trump’s best and worst impeachment defenses. Let me follow up with a little thought experiment.

Suppose that Bill Clinton hadn’t stopped with asking senators to vote for acquittal.

Suppose he had demanded, in addition, that they all join in affirming that stimulating your intern’s clitoris with a big cigar is not, by ironclad and indisputable definition, an act of “sex.”

Suppose that he also required his senatorial supporters to proclaim—loudly but without any evidence at all—that the people who did the DNA test on the blue dress were a bunch of crooked Republicans who produced fake test results.

That the DNA on the blue dress actually belonged to Lindsey Graham.

That the real DNA results had been stolen, and hidden away in a rural Ukrainian village.

How do you think it would have worked out for Bill Clinton if he had made those arguments?

The Lesser of Two Evils


From Gail Collins:

Two years ago, many Americans thought Trump was a lunatic and Hillary Clinton was a depressing rehash of everything that was uninspiring about the Democratic Party. In Michigan, 51,463 of them showed their disapproval by voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Trump won Michigan’s 16 electoral votes by 10,704. Same basic story in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Most of these voters undoubtedly thought they were just registering a protest on the choices available. We will presume a majority did not actually want to put a man in the White House who would kick out his attorney general and replace him with a terrible choice, and then defend said choice by saying he’d never met the guy.

The moral is that there are worse things than voting for the lesser of two evils. We wake up to him every morning.