Someone Should Tell Donald That Bill Barr is Stabbing Him in the Back and is Secretly Working for Clinton

A halfwit from my high school class has posted this:

witness removal

Epimenides and Trump

Meanwhile, The Donald’s latest tweets on Clinton and Epstein put me in mind of Epidemides the Cretan, who famously declared that all Cretans are liars.

When The Donald preemptively and vehemently tweets in support of Proposition A—Proposition A being, on this occasion, that Bill Clinton put out a hit on Jeffrey Epstein—you can pretty much count on two things.

The first thing you can pretty much count on is that Proposition A is the exact opposite of the truth. (Ya know, I hope The Donald has the sense to stay away from poker, because he would really suck at it.)

And the second thing is that The Donald is scared shitless of whatever truth is the exact opposite of Proposition A. That would be the ludicrously transparent reason why he’s vehemently and preemptively tweeting out lies.

I don’t know whether all Cretans are liars, or only some of them, some of the time.

But I know that Trump is a liar and the truth is not in him.

Waxing Poetic

Another old friend from high school has found poetic inspiration in the events of recent days. He has listened to his muse, and has graciously shared the following with us:

New charges against Epstein were pending,

And his gang of old buddies unfriending.

But the death knell has rung, 

And at last he’s well-hung.

For past pals, the happiest ending?